Path to Awakening


Embark on a transformative journey with the “Path to Awakening” course, learning to navigate quantum reality and master lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences for an unprecedented expansion of consciousness.

Live Sessions

  • Course Format > Live Sessions
  • Duration > 13 classes
  • Start Date > September 26, 2024


Live Sessions


13 classes

Start date

25 of september 2024

Key aspectsof the course

    1. Transformation of Beliefs: Learn to analyze and change your limiting beliefs.
    2. Science of Sleep and Quantum Physics: Explore the different states of matter and consciousness, and use the mechanisms of quantum physics in your dreams.
    3. Astral Connection: Connect with quantum stimuli to elevate your vibrational frequency and access the astral plane.
    4. Ritual Art and Symbolism: Discover ritual art and symbolism to unlock the doors of your unconscious mind.
    5. Journey through Time and Space: Learn to travel through time and space in your dreams and interact with any character.
    6. Healing and Transformation: Use symbolic movements in Quantum Reality to heal your physical and emotional body.
    7. Community of Awake Dreamers: Find courage and freedom in a community of awake dreamers.

    Course format

    Live Classes: This course is conducted via Zoom with personalized support, featuring 13 classes of 2 hours each.

    Interaction and Support: Access to a private group of dreamers with daily follow-up on the learning process through the same.

    Additional Sessions: 4 live follow up sessions during the 4 months following the end of the course.

    Start Date: The course begins on September 26, 2024.

    Course Details

    Delve into the enigmatic world of quantum reality and lucid dreaming with the “Path to Awakening” course.

    This 3-month journey of personal and spiritual transformation will immerse you in over 26 hours of intensive learning and more than 40 hours of exclusive material addressing important questions from previous students. You’ll discover how to consciously navigate your dreams and access other planes of existence.

    Throughout the course, you will unfold a panorama of advanced techniques to modify your limiting beliefs, understand the mysterious states of matter and consciousness, and learn to use the mechanisms of quantum physics in your dreams. You will delve into practices of ritual art and symbolism, which will open the doors to deep communication with your unconscious mind.
    Prepare for a journey that will not only transform the way you dream but also equip you to travel through time and space, meet extraordinary characters, and explore the vast universe of your own mind. With “Path to Awakening,” you will have all the tools necessary to expand your consciousness and live experiences that once seemed impossible.

    Join a community of over 10,000 lucid dreamers who have chosen the Zardezan Method to pave their way to a more fulfilling and conscious existence. This course is not just about learning; it is an invitation to transform your life and explore the depths of your being.

    In This Course, You Will Gain

    Multidimensional Exploration

    In “Path to Awakening,” you will embark on a journey through states of matter and consciousness. You’ll learn to navigate your dreams and access the astral plane, combining the science of sleep with ancient wisdom for a transformative dream experience.

    Transformative Practices

    Prepare for a total immersion in the world of lucid dreams and quantum reality. You will develop skills to expand the time of your dream experiences and create high-definition environments. You’ll explore advanced energetic techniques, ritual art, and symbolism, each designed to deepen your astral journey and expand your perception.

    Community and Personalized Guidance

    During this journey, you will have guidance in live classes, where you can resolve doubts and share your experiences. Additionally, you will be part of a private group of practical dreamers, a community of over 10,000 lucid dreamers, where you can grow and learn alongside other dream explorers.

    Knowledge and Experience

    You will learn to use your knowledge of how the brain and body react to sleep to optimize your dream practices. Discover how to travel through time and space, interact with various characters, and use your dreams for physical and emotional healing.

    Freedom and Self-Knowledge

    This course will provide you with the tools to experience anything you desire in your dreams, opening pathways to unprecedented freedom and courage in your daily life.

    Course Syllabus


    Class 1: Introduction and Fundamentals

    • Presentation of the Dreamers and the Community.
    • Initial exercises to start the dream journey.


    Class 2: Accessing Quantum Reality

    • Introduction to the Zardezan Method for out-of-body experiences.
    • Exploration of out-of-body experiences and their different denominations.
    • Definition and scope of Quantum Reality.
    • Practical potential of accessing Quantum Reality.


    Class 3: Matter, Attention, and Consciousness

    • Concepts of matter and perception.
    • The atom and the subatomic world.
    • The importance of the observer in Quantum Reality.
    • Managing and understanding fears.
    See full syllabus

    Class 4: Exploring Dimensions and Creating Portals

    • Understanding individual, collective, and universal unconscious.
    • Study of dimensions and portal creation.
    • Dream technology: practical use of earplugs, sleep masks, and dream journals.
    • Development of a personalized Action Plan.

    Class 5: The Science Behind Dreams

    • Analysis of REM and Non-REM sleep phases.
    • Sleep cycles and the hypnagogic state.
    • Sleep hygiene and theories on the function of dreams.

    Class 6: Accessing Quantum Reality

    • Strategies for accessing at different times.
    • Benefits and techniques of napping.
    • Frequency and steps for effective practice.

    Class 7: Quantum Keys

    • Development of your quantum senses to access new experiences.

    Class 8: Doors to Other Realities

    • Learning about the cycle of keys.
    • Understanding and managing sleep paralysis as a conscious awakening.

    Class 9: Maximizing the Quantum Experience

    • Techniques to extend and deepen experiences in Quantum Reality.
    • Traveling through time and space, encounters, and object creation.

    Class 10: Advanced Access and Exploration

    • Strategies for accessing Quantum Reality before sleep and during dreams.
    • Practice and development of lucid dreams.

    Class 11: History and Future of Quantum Reality

    • Historical overview of Quantum Reality.
    • Projections on the future and development of the practice.
    • Auxiliary tools and techniques to facilitate access.
    • Study of the pineal gland and the Zardezan symbol.

    Class 12: Ethics and Commitment Among Dreamers

    • Discussion on ethical issues in Quantum Reality.
    • Establishment of an agreement among dreamers.
    • Q&A session.

    Class 13: Integration and Farewell

    • How to materialize your dreams in Quantum Reality.
    • Summary and closure of the course with a focus on practical application and personal transformation.

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    Testimonials of this course

    Here are some testimonials from people who have taken our courses or participated in our retreats and workshops:

    Highly Recommended!

    The transformation experienced with other Dreamers and mentors at the academy has been extraordinary. Overcoming fears and becoming an expert lucid dreamer has been magical.

    Valeria Rodríguez

    A Surprising and Unforgettable Journey!

    “Path to Awakening revolutionized my perception. I learned to explore my dreams consciously, opening up a universe of self-awareness. I didn’t believe I could do it.”

    Ana María Gutiérrez
    Systems Engineer

    Profound and Fascinating

    The ‘keys’ and ‘doors’ have transformed my nights into astral adventures. Now, almost every night is an out-of-body experience.

    Carlos de La Fuente


    ShamuAndina Jessie

    Jessie, is a mentor of the Zardezan Academy of Dreams, she
    supports groups of dreamers in their processes towards obtaining lucid dreams and astral travel in their awakening.


    Born in Quito Ecuador, in 2021 she participated in the Path to Awakening in the Zardezan Academy where she understood in detail the wonderful world of Dreams that has accompanied her since she was a child, finding in Lucid Dreams and Astral Travel one of the most transformative tools for personal development and of consciousness.
    For the past six years, she has explored introspection through ancient medicine, seeking her way back to her true self. She has immersed herself in various meditative practices,intuitive magic, rituals and the study of star seeds. She is a writer and promoter of ShamuAndina, a network of consciousness created on the seed of being oneself the medicine, to transmit the voice of the experience of transformation through Love.